About Us

Hallelujah Sunday was born out of faith and pure inspiration. As a christian woman I wanted to share God’s light with more young women in my generation. Becoming a christian in my early 20’s was a unique experience and I often found other christians unrelatable. Hallelujah Sunday is about embracing our imperfections, revealing our souls to society, and talking about the untouchable topics we all struggle with, but don’t want to address. Hallelujah Sunday is more than just an online shop for cute Godly goods—it is a community of powerful young women who want to spread God’s love.


I have a huge vision for this company and I know God is on my side, for He has put this business on my heart. Not only do I want to provide an online space for christian women, I also want to spark curiosity in women who don’t know Christ, but are intrigued by the spirit of our sisterhood. A big part of this business will be giving back—Hallelujah Sunday will sponsor mission trips for women every year. A portion of the proceeds will be set aside for a mission trip scholarship. I believe this aspect is an amazing way to give back and also a way to tighten our community. 


Hallelujah Sunday will carry simple goods like notebooks, mug, cosmetic bags, wall art, and hats. Each hand designed to bring light to the world and inspire others. As the business grows we will expand into other markets such as clothing, digital goods, & more. I will partner with manufacturers based in the United States to promote ethical working conditions and ensure quality goods. I want a hand in every step of the process and will begin by shipping, labeling, and writing hand written notes for each order. As the business expands I will hire a team that are passionate about serving and love Jesus.