The Untold Truths About Fakeritis

How are you? Like actually? Not the scripted, rehearsed, standard “Good, how are you?”, but how are you really? This response is thrown around so much that most of the time it doesn’t really even feel like it holds value, ya know? It does to someone though, & that’s God.


In church this past Sunday we started singing a new song called “You Are My God” by Highlands Worship. While singing it, it hit me that we’ve gotten so comfortable with having him there. We subconsciously know he’s always there, in our corner, ready for when we need him (which hellllooo, is always!). But have you taken a moment recently to think about how he is your God? Your personal father, your right hand man, your peace, your confidant— he’s yours.


Matthew 11:28— “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

John 6:37— “Everyone whom the Father gives me will come to me, and the one who comes to me I will never send away.”


The coolest part is that we get to come to him just as we are. No mask, no filter, but just as we come. We don’t have to say “good” when we aren’t or put on a face when we bring our weight. He loves you just as much during those times as he does when you are running to him with a victory & to me that is so beautiful. Now that we’ve gotten past the part that is fun to hear, I’m going to lay something on the table that is maybe not so much. Brick of truth coming in 3..2..1..


More times than not, we get so used to him always being in our back pocket that we take him for granted. That wasn’t too bad was it? Okay but on a real note, ouch. I realized this when I found myself always leaning on him for my hard seasons in life but hardly ever celebrating him through my successes. It’s so important to remember that YES, he is YOUR God! But he is your God through all of it. & we should be resorting to him not only when life is feeling sucky, but just as much as when we are feeling on top of the world. You know the times when you are so sick & stuck to your bed & you just keep praying to be well & feel better again? But then as soon as he answers those prayers, you’re up & too busy with your life to acknowledge that he brought you through it? I just want to preface that friend, this isn’t to condemn you. I’ve been there, done that! But to remind you that He wants to celebrate with you too! And he is sooo worthy of our praise.


So, what can we do? Make him a priority in all the moments of life. Our Father deserves our recognition even in the times where it feels like we don’t need him. Your answer doesn’t always have to be “I’m good!” when you are talking to him- but make sure that when it is, the glory is His then too.


“You are my God

Oh the wonder of Your great love

Lord, Your presence is more than enough

I will fall at the foot of the cross

You are my God”